Hello Blog !

Published on 9/19/20 at 2:56 PM. Updated on 10/1/20 at 2:06 PM.

A presentation of this blog project.

Hello Blog !

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Hello World !
I'm Aymeric, a Back-End web developper and DevOps enthusiast.

Goals and covered topics

I'm launching this blog on web development, according to my skills.
You will find content about PHP, Symfony, SQL, or Docker.

But wait, there's more !

This blog will contains topics that don't fit in my courses because they are too short or too specific, and posts to share my experiments or projects.

For students, it may be an opportunity to get complementary content. I will also publish some guides that are actually Google Docs.


React to posts

Anyone has access to the blog, but interactions (likes, comments) are restricted to logged in users. I don't recommend to register only for that, the easiest way to react will be on social media where the posts will be shared.


If you have ideas to suggest for a post, you can send them on social media or by the contact form.

You can proceed in the same way for questions or feature requests (yes you can make feature requests).

See you soon for more technical content !

About translations:

Actually, only the blog interface is translated to English. The navigation, authentication pages or account section are not translated (yet).
UPDATE [01/10/2020]: The whole UI is now translated !

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